Sumatera Wild River Rafting ( Wampu River,Asahan River )
    One - Three Days Rafting
         Rafting in wampu river as new story to legend on our self which unforgetable way of story since we are felt how the wafe and stream bit us upon the rubber boat,extremly well the crew surely knowing how to greateful the experience for special moment on the raft trip, any how the wilderness of white water of the wampu river able to cheers by the big wave of water and extrem much of hasistences of the river feature by rock and whirefull to shake you ,roll ,and biting upon the silly rubber boat.By the way rafting trip in wampu river exactly a wonderful raft trip cause of beautyful river sides phanorama by the jungle few and else mids of raft trip you may stop over at the hot spring water to having fantastic sauna and eather on the luch time sure you may enjoy the waterfall where the monkeys kind of 'Longtailed macaque commonly seen to wacht you around. 
         Those after you should conteniue your rafting for more interesting and fun rafting trip .night time while you spend over night you can enjoy the fishing team to fullfil of your spare time and once you cuold flame the big bomfire for fish barbeque, and in the night we stay at local camping tent jungle style. For the next day you'll conteneu your rafting trip after you had your breakfast from your guide ,the food are very deliceouse of  Indonesian food .
        For the latest rafting trip is more enjoyful ,relax,fun because there is no more somthing to be in a hurry .Arrived in next town (Stabat Town) the raft trip will over and you will dropping back to Bukit Lawang on bus trip........ Enjoy your trip.....Have fun....//

 ( Raft trip will pass the difficult point, need extra atention to face it. )

( The crew fadling sereouse to get the boat on the right direction,agains the stream and water waves )
( Rafting Crew )

( Wonderful Kayaking )

( Rafting & Kayaking )
( The baetyful  river secanary you can enjoy from the boat )
( Stop over to haing your lunch on the waterfall location )

( See ....,how enjoy the family on rubber boat while the rafting is be )
( Giving rafting  Tutorial )

( Rafting team frefare to starting )
( Beauty phanorama ,Moun Leuser National Park ( primary forest) )

( Stop over for relaxation and having lunch )
( Lonely planet From -Mount Leuser National Park )

 ( Rafting trip will drop by car to the raft satarting point )

One day rafting
75 eu/p
Two days rafting
150 eu/p
Three days rafting
The group will be 3 person minimum
400 eu/p
Included .food ,drink,transportation

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