.The Beatyful jungle phenomenem ( Gunung Leuser National Park ) part of Bukit Lawang.

          The very dense of trofical rain forest where we still can find vary of folra and fauna,and bist like: Sumatran tiger,the frimitiv of  sumatran Elephant also still exist by the jungle and some other mammals are too as, Apes and Monkeys ,the most beauty of aves like ,(Rhinocheros Hornbill),  (Owl ) and vary of them .
        Amphibians are commonly seen around and some amount Beatyful of buttterflies,Orchidea are domined some species of jungle population in this jungle too,palms as local comodities are growth well as climber plant species namely ,Rottans,Bamboos are growht wild in this jungle as numerous jungle population of  floras ,the amazing big and huge trees are standing proud to created of the jungle layers , as the jungle jewels .
     There are some of forest layers fond in this jungle like namely,cover ground,bushes,young trees,conopy,and the emergency. The Gunung Leuser National Park Is the reachest endemic flora and fauna in south east asia tropical rain forest.

Red Apes are called Orang Utan ,you can find them in the big part of ,Gunung Leusr National Park most Bukit Lawang listed as Orang Utan homes.
The very unique of jungle structure featured by ,Banyan tree- which lives togehter with hopses (original tree ) Banyan tree is a parasite in this ecosystem.

The massive of ,Lian growht together with other tree  species as parasitism ,whic lian is the fight strungling to kill the hopses or  original tree.

The giant orchidea are stuck and live together commonly as amutualism .

Kind of this tree called ",Barangan "  where the tree fruitness as banana fruits.

Jungle as a home for the wild Orang  Utans.

The beautyful jungle river used as media for relaxation ,fun,or sports ,swim,tubing,and rafting.
The beautyful orchidea also growth in the jungle wilderness.
Amphibian ( Turle ) live in the jungle relatively.

an Iguana  is a  kind of amphibian .

a mushroom also belong to the jungle comunities,and they grow normaly when the rain season.
a beatyful water fall also a jungle ecosystem.

The magician of wild fylodendron grow normally at miost place

Trekking one day
35 eu/p
Trekking two days one night
70 eu/p
Trekking three days two nights
105 eu/p
Trekking five days to Kuta Cane
Extra 10 eu for rafting activities
The Group Will be 3 person minimum
250 eu/p
Included: food,drink,tent




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